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Princess Jenny just took all the money you earned this month - but don't worry - you get something in return - you're allowed to lick the toilet dirt of her sexy high heels and bare feet!
Brat girl Jessica takes EVERYTHING
So, you gave all your money to Jessica? Good for you! But you're still just a worthless paypig waiting to be drained for her - but today you're allowed to clean her sexy dirty boots.
Jeanette shops on your bill
Jeanette wants to buy a bunch of stuff - luckily she has a good money slave like you to satisfy her luxurious needs! She buys a bunch of stuff at some online stores using your credit card and takes all money you carry too - she wants to have a nice evening - but you will pay!
Jenny's human ashtray
Jenny heard you like to take things in your mouth and swallow afterwards? Hahaha, so she will use you as her personal human ashtray while she verbally humiliates you. You are such a pathetic bitch, visiting her whenever she allows you to get abused by her after paying her!
Hypnotized slave bitch
Lady Victoria's isn't satisfied with you! So she uses her hypnosis skills to totally enslave you. She'll mercilessly use and abuse you from now on and there is nothing you can do about it beeing a limp victim.
Humiliated paypig
This little paypig is in double trouble! Lady Anja and lady Andrea humiliate and dominate him. They sit on him, use him as their ashtray and of course they take even his last penny. He suffers for their pleasure.
Used by money mistress Andrea
Money princess Andrea wants you to suffer, loser! She spits all over your pathetic body and forces you to clean her sexy high heel boots. But that's enough for today - to get more you will have to pay again!
Slave punished by Lady Mistery
Lady Mistery uses her pathetic slave a whole day long. Today is used as her human ashtray and her spittoon before he has to worship her shoes and feet and gets trampled by his cruel money mistress Lady Mistery.
Drained by Princess Lindsay
Princess Lindsay knows about your boring sex life and tells you to face it - it won't get any better. Spending all your money on spoiling a hot chick like her is the only sex life you will ever have!
Two mistresses and a paypig
Lifestylediva Maria and Mistress Cheyenne dominate their pathetic looking paypig. He sees all his money disappearing in their sexy shoes and is left behind with nothing but his pig mask!